SWL Implementation

The Single Window for Logistics (SWL) has been launched in Luxembourg on April 25, 2014 by the Council of Government and is implemented in several steps:

  • 2014 - Feasibility study: opportunities and constraints 
  • 2015 - Identification of relevant Government Agencies and their key processes to be included in SWL 
  • 2016 - Definition of an implementation roadmap composed of 4 stages  
  • 2016 - Implementation of several projects to build up a first set of applications for licences and perishable certificates
  • From 2017 on - Building an open, neutral, and multimodal Single Window Ecosystem for Logistics supporting secure data exchanges between all stakeholders, including the implementation of a State Entry Point as integral part of the Customs and Excise implementation roadmap of the new Union Customs Code based on a new IT system.

The roadmap for implementing the Single Window for Logistics has been defined together with technical, business and policy experts to:

  • Align requirements of diverse stakeholders
  • Outline priorities and time frames of SWL functionalities
  • Study technological options for the different components
  • Understand legal aspects at national and European level
  • Analyze and integrate the results of the Living Labs
  • Study possible parallels between processes of different Government Agencies (GAs)
  • Build a strategic implementation plan for the desired platform.

The goal in 2016 was to achieve early results. Main deliverables included:

  • Online permit requests for perishables 
  • Development of contents on perishables to build a logisitics information portal
  • Conveyance schedule for perishables (fresh, food & feed, animals)
  • Organizational improvement measures.

The main deliverables for next steps are:

  • Full set of online permits requests for all government agencies involved in logistics
  • Completed logistics information portal 
  • Definition of specifications to enable the re-use and exchange of data between economic operators and administrations and the sharing of relevant documents
  • Implementation of the SWL Ecosystem in collaboration with Customs and all other stakeholders.
  • Last update: 31-05-2017