About SWL

The Single Window for Logistics (SWL) Programme is an initiative of the Luxembourg Government aiming at facilitating trading and communication between Economic Operators and Government Agencies in the logistics sector by offering a single administrative point of access to electronic exchanges related to international trade flows (export, import and transit).

In the context of globalization and the resulting increase in international trade, the modern global supply chain must be efficiency-driven while being more and more constrained by security and traceability issues. Despite important breakthroughs in information and communication technologies, required trade, transport and regulatory documentation are still often decentralized and paper-based. The misalignment between the requirements from the global trade economy and the national regulatory constraints is an increasing burden for economic actors and public agencies.

Based on this observation, the Council of State of Luxembourg has decided on April 25, 2014 to set up a Single Window for Logistics and international trade. This integrated solution, implemented by the Luxembourg State, will be developed around 4 main axes:

  1. Transaction: digitize current administrative operations in order to enable Economic Operators to do their administrative formalities related to logistics operations online and paperless
  2. Information: provide information about necessary documents to import, export and transit goods through Luxembourg
  3. Help-desk: offer support to Economic Operators who want to carry out their administrative formalities in case the information portal did not offer the adequate information
  4. Coordination: orchestrate the activities between involved Government Agencies, as well as between those agencies and the logistics service providers

The SWL program is coordinated by the Ministry of the Economy in close collaboration with Ministry of Finance, the Luxembourg Customs and Excise Administration, the CTIE (Centre des Technologies de l'Information de l'Etat) and the Cluster for Logistics (C4L).

  • Last update: 25-01-2016